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My 2021-2022 reservations .  

 2021/12/15 After huge snowfalls last week the sun is shining. New slopes open each day and we can expect that almost everything will be open for Christmas week. The ski conditions on pist and off pist are excellent.

Last weekend we had 2 nice races on the Face. I was of course happy of the results !!!! Clement Noel won the slalom and Alexis Pinturault was second in Giant slalom. Congratuletions to Odermatt who has been amazing.

Next weekend the ladies will race on La Daille and the conditions should be perfect.

After 2 difficult winters it looks like we can hope to have a normal one or close to..

If we could have as much snow as in 2018....



 2018/01/09 After the snow storm

So much snow

Roads closed

UCPA road

What a snow fall !!!

YAN 7092

A bit of work before to open the roads

Val D'Isère church, old village

2017/12/26 All the family

YAN 6935

2017/12/24 Carving turns and snowpark

Carving turns


Carving on the stade

High jump

Gym or ski ?

2017/12/23 So close from the slopes. How to resist ??

YAN 6837

2017/12/21 More powder !!!

Of pist skiing Kern 

         2017/12/19 Such a perfect day of pist !!  What a jump Jac !!!!

YAN 6782

2017/12/10 Such a nice week-end, nice World Cup races and 50 cms of fresh snow !! More is supposed to fall this week.

I hope that the wind won't  be too strong...

2017/11/06 First snowfalls !!!

2017/04/26 End of the season. Hope to have plenty of snow for next December !!! 

2017/03/30 Spring conditions suncream is the most important thing....




Today's gallery

Grande Sassière Summit (3747m). Here are the photos




Yann Le Bozec

Independent ski and snowboard instructor ( Val D'isère) - Sailing instructor ( Ile Grande, Brittany)

Discover the "Espace Killy" ski and snowboard paradise with an experienced and qualified independent instructor.

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