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Val D’Isère unquestionably boasts one of the biggest and richest off-piste areas in the Alps.  The possibilities are almost endless. Particular to Val d’Isère is that it offers all aspects - east to west and north to south - all at between 1500 and 3500 metres above sea level.


What’s more, unlike other ski resorts, the authorities in Val D’Isère had the foresight to leave huge areas unexploited, without pistes, which is what makes the off-piste so unspoilt.



It is also possible to travel on skis to other resorts and their own ski areas: Bonneval sur Arc, La Plagne and Les Arcs being the best known.


The variety of the area means everyone can find his or her level, from the intermediate looking for space away from the busy slopes, to the elite skier looking for thrills in the steepest couloirs.