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I first discovered Val D'Isère in 1981, while dividing my time between my two passions: the sea and the mountains.

I began teaching here in 1996.

Over the course of 36 years in the Espace Killy I may have skied almost every square inch of piste, but there are always off-piste and ski touring areas to be discovered in this vast domain.

I have made descents on these local peaks: La Grande Aiguille Rousse (3482m), La Galise (3343m), La Tsanteleina west and south (3602m), Le Dôme de la Sache (3601m), the north face of La Grande Casse (3855), La Grande Sassière (3747m), Le Grand Paradis (4061m) and La Pointe de la Sana (3436m), the Mont pourri (3779m) west side.

I still have other peaks in my sights, such as the north face of Turia in the Mont Pourri and the Albaron.

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